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SFB Deine Zukunft

Training at SFB

From trainee to professional - Training with a future at SFB! Our training professions provide you with a foundation for a secure future!

We have successfully trained our “young talents” ourselves for many years and are offering the following apprenticeships:

> only sought as of 2018!


> only sought as of 2019!


All trainee positions have already been assigned for 2017!


Send your complete application documents to

SFB Schwäbische Formdrehteile GmbH & Co. KG
Stefan Schmidtlein (for commercial training)
Markus Kiefer (for industrial training)
Weiherweg 12-16
D-87727 Babenhausen

Simply call us if you are interested in an apprenticeship and would like more detailed information. We will be happy to help and support you in your choice of profession.



Contact partners

For commercial training

Stefan Schmidtlein
Phone 0 83 33 . 3 03 - 01


For industrial training

Markus Kiefer
Fon 0 83 33 . 3 03 - 42 4

Training at SFB
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